Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EEE snatch the Ball Badminton Honours

The EEE guys won their first title thanks to a combination of skill and strategy. The EEE guys seemed to be in a different league in this game and seemed to have a ball.

The semifinals saw EEE pitted against ECE. After accomplishing an unbeatable lead easily in both the sets, EEE allowed complacency to creep in. However they managed to come back without much damage to trounce ECE in straight sets 28-10,28-12. The second semifinal was a close affair with CSE and IT fighting it out to the end. In both the sets, CSE suddenly snatched from the half way mark and scored 10 points in succession. Anbarasan proved to be a major force as he slammed on the empty places. The final result unfolded 28-14, 28-13 in CSE's favour.

The first set in the finals was upbeat with both sides contesting hard. In fact, CSE went to snatch the lead 10-4. But the cool head of Vignesh and Subash complimented by some power hitting by Vigneshnathan and Lawrence saw the EEE in full vigour. They went on to snatch the first set 28-16. Buoyed by the success, they simply outplayed CSE in all aspects of the game to snatch the second set 28-2. A comprehensive and cohesive display saw the EEE walk out in flying colours.

The Scores
Finals : EEE bt CSE (28-16, 28-2)
Semifinals : CSE bt IT (28-14,28-13) & EEE bt ECE (28-10,28-12)