Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet the CEO

The School of Management of SNS College of Engineering had organized “Meet the CEO” with Mr.Ravi Jagannnathan, Managing Director and CEO-3i Infotech Consumer Service Ltd., Bangalore, an interaction programmme for the MBA students on 25/9/2009.

Principal Dr.G.Karuppusami welcomed the gathering. Dr.S.N.Subbramanian, Chairman, SNS Group of institutions gave the presidential address. In his address, he stressed on the aspect of Quality by giving explanation for the word QUALITY. ‘Q’ stands for quest for excellence, ‘U’ stands for understanding the concept, ’A’ for analyzing, ‘L’ for learners centric, ‘I’ for innovative, ‘T’ for training for building up competencies, ‘Y’ for year out programmes. He also pointed out that CEO should have vision, understand about all the stakeholders, and he should be a regular reader of daily trends. Becoming a CEO is easy, but until and otherwise he possess the qualities he cannot excel in his position.
The CEO, Mr.Ravi Jagannathan in his interaction with the students, focused on the qualities of a CEO.
Quality need not be certified by anybody else, but it should come in our day to day life. He pointed out that vision of an organization should be achievable, understandable, and communicable with all its stakeholders.
He answered for the question who is a CEO? As a person one who is able to communicate the vision of an organization to all in an understandable manner. He has to make sure that corporate governance is completely practiced in his organization.
According to him quality is nothing but “Corporate Governance”. He also said that a person will be moulded once he is involved in his work.
“A person who does not possess MBA degree can also become a CEO, but the qualification in the management will help in a bigger way along with his soft skills.
As for as commitment is concerned, commitment from an individual will help the organization to grow along with his personal growth.
While interviewing a MBA candidate for an employment, his “Strategic thinking ability and People management techniques” are to be assessed rather than other skills.
Prof.E.Venugopal, Head of the Department proposed the vote of thanks for the gathering.


The School of Management of SNS College of Engineering inaugurated the BUSINEX ASSOCIATION on 23rd September 2009 at 10 am. Dr.S.Rajalakshmi Correspondent of SNS Institutions lightened the kuthuvilaku to begin the function. The Head of the department Prof.E.Venugopal welcomed the gathering.

The Association was inaugurated by Dr.John Joseph Alappat, Director South Indian Bank. In his inaugural address he tried to pose the message for the management students regarding the scope and opportunities existing in the globalized competitive world. The future managerial people are going to face the tough time and they have to be ready to mould themselves to face challenges.

He also honored the Chairman Dr.S.N.Subbramanian for receiving the OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AWARD from the Institute of Engineers (India).

To honor the legendry of SNS Institutions, a documentary on his biography has been presented by the Businex Association.

Chairman in his speech enlightened the audience with his personal experience and focused on “Selecting a Role model”.

The term Role model first appeared by the scientist Robert k. Mathews in the specialization research of medical schools. He advised the students to compare themselves with the reference rules with one who occupies the social roles, and to consider only the positive qualities of their role model. Role models are important as they enforce the person to become what he wants and inspire to make differences to choose the wise things we need to make the best things.

Principal Dr. G. Karuppusami gave the presidential address, the gathering was felicitated by Dr. V. S. Velusamy, Founder Trusty and the secretary of Businex Association V. Sivakumar proposed a formal vote of thanks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Third Inaugural Function @ SNSCE

Third Inaugural Function @ SNSCE
Click here for the snapshots of the occassion

Inaugural Function for the III batch of students of SNSCE, took place in the college premises. The Management & staff of SNS College of Engineering gave their warm welcome to the students and their parents.

In order to attain success, this function started with the prayer song.


Lighting up the lamp will erase the darkness and give the shine of brightness. To Wipe away the ignorance and to furnish the light of intelligence, Dr. S.Rajalakshmi, the correspondent lighted up the lamp to blow up the gloom of ignorance.


A Meet with greeting will form a good Gathering, Prof. Jagadeesan, Head of the Department, Dept of EEE., welcomed the congregation.


Dr. S. N. Subbramaniam, the Chairman, a successful gentleman of this affluent college delivered the inaugural address.


SNS College of Engineering has started its voyage in the year 2007, and has come crossed numerous constructive occurrences. Principal Dr. G. Karuppusami, summarized ‘The Courses’ offered in the college.


As Robert Frost quotes, ‘Education is the key to unlock the golden door of self-determination'. The key of the golden door was felicitated by The Founder Trustee, Dr. V. S. Velusamy.

II & III year students came frontward to state concerning their views about the institution’s infrastructure facilities and how they get and enjoy their studies in the campus.

After the feedback, students enlighted the function by their mind blowing performance in Dancing. Indian Classical Dance is so immensely rich in divine values that it really deserves to be called a “Sadhana”, a way to God-experience. Students of SNSCE made the audience to feel the God-experience through their classical dances.


‘Thanking’ - measured to be one of the best qualities of humanism. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi thanked the guests of the day and the function got end up with the National Anthem.


Inaugural function for the III Batch students will be held at the Assembly Hall in the college premises on 03.09.2009. Dr.S.N.Rajalakshmi, the Correspondent, SNS Group of Institutions will light up the Kuthuvilakku and start the Inaugural function. Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam, the Chairman, SNS Group of Institutions will give the Inaugural address to the Congregation, 'Course Overview' will be delivered by Dr.G.Karuppusami, the Principal, SNSCE and the function will be felicitated by Dr.V.S.Velusamy, Founder Trustee, SNS Group of Institutions.

SNSCE gladly Invites all for its III Inaugural Function.