Saturday, April 4, 2009

Second Annual Day - 09.04.2009

SNS College of Engineering, the institution committed to produce Engineers with high calibre and professionalism, celebrated its 2nd annual day on 9th April, 2009.

Dr.K.A.CHINNARAJU, Director, Dept of Management of Science and Research, Coimbatore Institute of Management, kindly accepted our invitation to be our Chief Guest and graced the occasion with his presence.
With the spirit of Thanks giving to the Almighty, we began our program with prayer song. Our Correspondent Dr.S.Rajalakshmi, along with the Dignitaries, lights the Kuthuvilzakku, the flame of glory, honour and challenge.

Professor, Head of the Department Science and Humanities, Dr.R.Venkataramanan with his exhilarating words welcomed the gathering.
Our beloved Principal, composed and efficient captain, Dr.G.Karuppusami, impressed everyone in the gathering with his amazing multimedia annual report 2008-09. Achievers were brought out into limelight to motivate the students.

Our Managing Director, a dynamic leader, an inspirator, Dr.S.N.Subbramanian gave the presidential address.
The guest of honors Dr.K.A.CHINNARAJU, with his friendly and next door person talk enthralled the gathering with fables; he insisted that the students should bring pride to the institution, not only as technocrats but also
as wonderful citizens. He rekindled the spirit of competency with tips of how to compute in this fast pacing world with the mantra “Change, Adapt and Grow”.

The achievers were awarded by the dignitaries.
The morning session came to an end with vote of thanks given by our Administrative Officer Professor R.Natarajan.

The long awaited afternoon cultural session started with great enthusiasm and energy. The first score was classical dance Bharathanatium.

Fusion dance with colorful costumes were an energy booster for the gathering. Skits with themes like ‘unity is strength’ stole the show with great applause. The competency and the grace demonstrated by our students brought everyone to the edge of enjoyment.

This session end with an announcement of an extra day holiday which was a bonus to the students. Altogether this was an enjoyable and honorable day for our students to reminisce in their later years.