Monday, November 19, 2007

Second Monthly Test Results Declared

The results of the First Monthly Test was declared today by the Dr.G.Karupuswami, Principal, SNSCE. The results were slightly fading in comparison with the performance in the previous test. But with a change in portions and pattern, it was expected.
The I IT students wrested the initiative from the EEE students and emerged toppers in class-wise pass percentages. There was change in the individual lists as well. As Mr.R.Rakesh of CSE Department regained the individual toppers position, it was all new faces. Mr.S.Vignesh, Ms.P.Saranya Devi and Ms.M.Sheela topscored for EEE, ECE and IT departments.
Though there was a slight fall in the number of toppers, there was a steady rise in the number of successful students. That is indicative of competition and competition is indicative of good times.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Tests are over. Over to Diwali

The Second Monthly Tests finally came to a conclusion on 05th November 2007. It was extended by a day owing to torrential rainfall. The tests helped the students to re assess their preparations with heavier portions and a new question paper pattern. With the exam schedules and study plans coming to an end, the students are busy now with their travel plans and celebration schedules. The spirit of Diwali has caught the students and faculty. The college has declared Diwali Holidays from 07 November to 11 November. Happy Diwali