Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Faculty Meeting on Tests

A meeting of the faculty members of SNSCE was convened between 04.00 PM and 05.00 PM at the Conference Hall and was chaired by Prof.S.Padmanabhan

In the meeting attended by all the faculty members, the conduct of the first monthly test was discussed. After hearing the view point of every faculty members, it was decided to conduct the first monthly test from 04 October 2007 to 10 October 2007. The modalities for the conduct of the test in a flawless manner was elaborately discussed. In the meeting, the faculty members also aired in their views on other issues like adaptability of Tamil Medium Students, supply of text books, general discipline of the students etc.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Headstart

"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step". Today more than two hundred budding young minds stepped inside the college and to their lovely journey of life. Their first day in the college started with a special prayer arranged in the Assembly Hall under the chairmanship of Director cum Secretary Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam. The first hour was engaged by the Heads of the Departments wherein they formally welcomed the students and gave a pep talk on the course, college and campus life in general. Moreover, they handed over copies of curriculum, syllabus and timetable , wished their students luck and offered them their services and support towards a bright career for the students. After the head start offered by the HoDs, the students were eager for the classes and for the course.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Faculty Meeting on Commencement

The faculty of the college met under the chairmanship of Prof.S.Padmanabhan to discuss the commencement of classes on Monday. In the meeting attended by all the faculty members, Prof.Padmanabhan discussed the various issues pertaining to the faculty members and the students during the initial week (or setting time as proposed by Dr.A.Sabesan). The faculty members prepared a checklist of activities to be done and instructions to pass on at the commencement of classes. It was generally agreed that the faculty members while following their natural styles would deal with the students and their sentiments with some tenderness and make their first moments of college life not a tough one. The meeting also enabled the staff members to know more about each other and their persona.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to SNS College of Engineering

The inaugural function of SNS College of Engineering was held in a pleasant manner.

The students alongwith their parents thronged the Seminar Hall one hour ahead of the schedule. They were made at home by our teachers and volunteers. The audience were treated to a few AVI presentations about the college, which had them all interested. The function started by 10.45 AM with Ms.Alamelu, a student of I ECE invoking the prayer song. The divine presence was further enlightened as the dignitaries, Dr.S.N.S.Rajalakshmi, Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam, Dr.S.Veluswamy, Dr.V.P.Arunachalam and Dr.G.Karuppuswami lit the Kutthuvilakku in order.

Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam welcomed the gathering and highlighted the objectives of the new institution. In his "straight from the heart" address, he explained that the students should find SNS College of Engineering a great place to learn and grow. He asked the students to raise their self esteem and assured that the institution will offer more than required to enable the student go out with a first class degree, a well placed job and an unbeatable character. He told that SNS College of Engineering was in tunes with technology and with industry requirements. He elaborated on the efforts taken by the institution to improve the soft skills of the students right from their day one. His entire address held the audience in sway and they all understood that they found their way. He encouraged participative growth from the students and parents and told that every parent is a stakeholder of the institution and they shouldnt shy away from it. In short, he welcomed the audience for the occassion and for four years at SNS CE providing them a glimpse of the golden days they are about to have.

Dr.Veluswamy, the Founder Trustee in his special address mentioned that the college was a unique one and requested the students to make use of the college for a bright future. He made it clear that the students and the institution grew hand in hand.

The focus then shifted to the Course Overview provided by the Principal Dr.G.Karuppuswami. In his interactive presentation, Dr.G.Karuppuswami highlighted the objectives of the course, the college and of course the students. He was down to earth and went all around the audience in course of his presentation, which was not only well recieved by the audience, but had them amazed. To add to the amazement, he interacted with students and presentations raising questions and bringing out answers from them. In his presentation studded with audios and videos,

Dr.G.Karuppuswami passed information lucidly and clearly. In the course of his presentation, he had Prof.Padmanabhan introducing his faculty members and Prof.Anuradha explaining the off classroom teaching - learning process. The off the classroom teaching learning process is a unique process of SNSCE. The college strictly believes that education doesnt start and end in a classroom. We have a string of technology aided mechanisms that promote student oriented education even after class hours. The presentation of the Principal was in itself a portrait of how things would be in SNSCE - innovative, interactive, informative and technically impressive.
Dr.V.P.Arunachalam, Principal, SNS College of Technology felicitated SNSCE and pledged the support of the sister institution towards the new institute. He also requested the students to get ready to shift their mindsets from that of a normal human to an engineer in terms of their thought processes on the day to day activities.

A good 30 minutes was allocated for the interaction of the parents with the management of SNSCE. The parents clarified their reservations regarding hostels, transport, training and placement of the college which was well answered by the management. When the parent members expressed happiness and surprise on the interaction session, Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam had them in full joy when he told them that it was the practice of the institute to hold atleast one parent interactive session atleast once in a year. He also added that the college was always ready to welcome them and their suggestions.

The audience then left for a sumptous lunch served with a smile. The students and parents returned with their hearts, mind and appettite full. We are waiting to recieve them back on Monday with full enthusiasm.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teachers Day with a Special Teacher

In SNS College of Engineering, The Teachers Day (September 05) was celebrated in a manner that was simple, but full of substance. We commemorated and celebrated the ocassion by organising an interactive session on teaching with Prof.S.Bhaskar. Prof.S.Bhaskar is a reputed trainer in the art, science and technology of education. He spent the entire afternoon session with the faculty members of SNSCE and none recognised how fast time flew by.

In his entertaining and educative session, Prof.S.Bhaskar threw light on the various aspects of teaching. According to him a manual for teaching had only two pages and two sentences. The first sentence is "The art of teaching is not a chemical formula". The last sentence was "Though I like sweet pastries, when I go to fishing,I go with a net and worms". Prof.S.Bhaskar then explained the relevance of these two sentences explaining that it was important for every teacher to understand that teaching was no standard chemical formula wherein when we have two inputs in proportion to get an output of desired proportion. He pointed out that Teaching has to change with audiences and time and that the teacher needs to be flexible. For the second sentence, he said that the preperation and delivery of a class had to be done keeping the need of the student in mind and not the expertise of the teacher.

He kept on narrating a slew of anecdotes and jokes which kept the audience in rapt attention and in good spirits. His analogy of teaching an engineering student with a mother singing a lullaby not only had the audience in splits, but also set them thinking. He concluded with an exercise on decision making from where he drew parallels to day to day affairs in teaching.

In all, it was a wonderful session which was well conducted and equally well recieved. It was a memorable Teachers Day for the SNS College of Engineering as they spent it with a special teacher - Prof.S.Bhaskar

The photos of the function can be accessed at our Picasa album :

Monday, September 3, 2007

Inaugural Function - Thursday

The inaugural function for the first batch of students will be held on 06/09/2007(Thursday) at Seminar Hall, SNS College of Technology. The function would be presided by the Correspondent, SNS Charitable Trust Dr.Rajalakshmi. Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam, Director cum Secretary, SNS Charitable trust will welcome the gathering and explain the objectives, vision and mission of the college. Our Founder Trustee Mr.S.Veluswamy will give a special address while Dr.V.P.Arunachalam, Principal, SNS College of Technology will offer felicitations. Our Principal, Dr.G.Karuppuswami will provide an overview of the course and various key features of SNS College of Engineering. This is a simple, but definte beginning and our first notice to history to get ready for a sea change.
A copy of the invitation is attached below.