Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It is IT in football

The English game went well for the American market would not be a bad phrase as the IT students expectedly topped one and all to clinch the Intramurals football trophy. The team powered by the Captain Prabhu who also happens to be the captain of the college team, the well built Muthu, the tall and lanky pair of Vyshak, & Chandru had indeed an easy outing.

The first semifinal saw the IT pitted against EEE. IT who was a strong favourite had to contend with some innovative strategy and good defence from underdogs EEE. It was only the 15th minute goal of R.Arunkumar that went in ITs favour and the result 1-0 wouldnt have made them happy. The second semi final between CSE and ECE was more than evenly poised as both sides had their own opportunities and threats. After an goalless draw even after extra time, all eyes turned to penalty corner. It was a disaster of sorts for ECE as CSE shot all the three while ECE missed all the three. The final result 3-0(penalty) did not indicate the close nature of the game.

The finals was a much awaited clash and IT was taken aback in the first five minutes. Maikannan seemed invincible as he beat the defence of IT in the 2nd and 6th minute to take CSE to a 2-0 lead straightaway. Prabu did some tough talking after the second goal and it seemed to have an immediate effect as Muthu shot one in the next minute. After that goal, IT displayed great vigour to score three more goals in the first half in 22(Vyshak), 26 (Muthu) and 27(Vyshak) respectively. There was no looking back for IT as they consolidated after this display. A goalless second half let open the gates to IT as they sealed the first football trophy 4-2.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Second Monthly Test Results Declared

The results of the First Monthly Test was declared today by the Dr.G.Karupuswami, Principal, SNSCE. The results were slightly fading in comparison with the performance in the previous test. But with a change in portions and pattern, it was expected.
The I IT students wrested the initiative from the EEE students and emerged toppers in class-wise pass percentages. There was change in the individual lists as well. As Mr.R.Rakesh of CSE Department regained the individual toppers position, it was all new faces. Mr.S.Vignesh, Ms.P.Saranya Devi and Ms.M.Sheela topscored for EEE, ECE and IT departments.
Though there was a slight fall in the number of toppers, there was a steady rise in the number of successful students. That is indicative of competition and competition is indicative of good times.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Tests are over. Over to Diwali

The Second Monthly Tests finally came to a conclusion on 05th November 2007. It was extended by a day owing to torrential rainfall. The tests helped the students to re assess their preparations with heavier portions and a new question paper pattern. With the exam schedules and study plans coming to an end, the students are busy now with their travel plans and celebration schedules. The spirit of Diwali has caught the students and faculty. The college has declared Diwali Holidays from 07 November to 11 November. Happy Diwali

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anna University Expert Committee @ SNSCE

An expert Committee from Anna University visited the college on 30th October 2007. The expert committee headed by Dr.Annadurai examined the various laboratories and other infrastructure facilities available in the college. They also had a look at the records and gave the college a clean chit. The members also expressed their happiness that the college had facilities beyond the slated requirements and wished the college to reach great heights. It was nice to hear that we exceeded the expectations of the experts.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Going High with 22 Logo Entries

The Logo Designing Competition conducted for the students was closed on October 22 and coincedentally 22 entries were received from the students. The students in their own distinct style captured the essence of the college and engineering in their logos.
The study of these logos revealed that the students were still besotten by the traditional notion to capture various branches of engineering. However their experiments with shapes, lines and colours was innovative. The logos show that the students had taken great care in synchronising the logos to the motto of sincerity, nobility and service. Some entries also had their own words to supplement the logo.
In all, the competition showcased the interest and innovative skills of SNSCE students.
The logo entries can be viewed here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Its time for Second Monthly Test

The Second Monthly Test for the students would be conducted from 29th October 2007 to 03rd November 2007. Dr.Maleeka Begum, Co-ordinator Exam Cell has revised the time table and question paper patterns to suit the model of Anna University Coimbatore.

The examination schedule is as below

29 Oct - Monday - Technical English
30 Oct - Tuesday - Engineering Mathematics
31 Oct - Wednesday - Applied Physics
01 Oct - Thursday - Applied Chemistry
02 Oct - Friday - Fundamentals of Programming
03 Oct - Saturday - Basics of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

The question papers in lieu with the latest guidelines issued by the University follows the following pattern

Part A : One Mark Questions : 5 x1 = 5
Part B : Two Mark Questions(10/12) : 10 x 2 = 20
Part C : Five Mark Questions (3/4) : 3 x 5 = 15
Part D : Ten Mark Questions : 10 x 1 = 10

The students promised to come up with a better performance in this test and the college is eagerly waiting for them to keep up their promise.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Monthly Test Results Declared

The results of the First Monthly Test was declared today by the Dr.G.Karupuswami, Principal, SNSCE. The results were encouraging though there is always scope for development.
The EEE students topped the class-wise pass percentages.
Mr.R.Rakesh of CSE Department topped the individual scores. Ms.R. Surayya (EEE Dept.), Ms.J.Nancy Mary (ECE Dept.) and Ms.K.Angammaiy(IT Dept.) topscored for their respective departments.

In a special meeting on performance of the students in the examination, Dr.G.Karupuswami analysed the results and classified students into toppers, improving students and slow learners. The faculty members discussed various reasons that influenced the performance of the students and various means to further improve their accomplishments. The faculty members evolved a plan for addressing the needs and problems of slow learners. Dr.G.Karupuswami congratulated the toppers in person. He also provided a pep talk to the improving students.

In all the performance of the students were encouraging and they shall do better with more courage.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Logo Designing Competition

In another novel venture, SNS College of Engineering has opened the vistas of creating an official logo to the students. To familiarize the students with our motto of sincerity, nobility and service and to bring out the creative designing abilities of the students, the college has called for model logos amidst the students. In an announcement in this regard, the students were introduced to the background and importance of an official logo and were hinted on the requirements of the college logo. They were also shown the logos of different institutions. The students listened with bated breath and with a twinkle in their eyes. As of now, the college is abuzz with ideas and discussions of logos, shapes and colours and it should continue till October 22 2007 (Tuesday) which is the deadline for logo submission. Winners would walk away with handsome rewards but the process of designing a logo is in itself a rewarding experience. Its one week to go for a logo.

For more details, the notice is as follows

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The First Monthly Test

The First Monthly Test for the students which commenced on 04th October was completed on 10th October. The tests were well organised and the simple yet effective procedures made things easy for the students. The students also seemed to make things easy for themselves with earnest and effective preparations. The most heartening fact about the first monthly tests was the discipline and values exhibited by the students. There was no such instance of suspecting a malpractice leave alone detecting one. This would augur well for the future of the students and the institution. The results of the tests would be made available shortly and the analysis would throw light on the performance of the students.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Faculty Meeting on Tests

A meeting of the faculty members of SNSCE was convened between 04.00 PM and 05.00 PM at the Conference Hall and was chaired by Prof.S.Padmanabhan

In the meeting attended by all the faculty members, the conduct of the first monthly test was discussed. After hearing the view point of every faculty members, it was decided to conduct the first monthly test from 04 October 2007 to 10 October 2007. The modalities for the conduct of the test in a flawless manner was elaborately discussed. In the meeting, the faculty members also aired in their views on other issues like adaptability of Tamil Medium Students, supply of text books, general discipline of the students etc.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Headstart

"A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step". Today more than two hundred budding young minds stepped inside the college and to their lovely journey of life. Their first day in the college started with a special prayer arranged in the Assembly Hall under the chairmanship of Director cum Secretary Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam. The first hour was engaged by the Heads of the Departments wherein they formally welcomed the students and gave a pep talk on the course, college and campus life in general. Moreover, they handed over copies of curriculum, syllabus and timetable , wished their students luck and offered them their services and support towards a bright career for the students. After the head start offered by the HoDs, the students were eager for the classes and for the course.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Faculty Meeting on Commencement

The faculty of the college met under the chairmanship of Prof.S.Padmanabhan to discuss the commencement of classes on Monday. In the meeting attended by all the faculty members, Prof.Padmanabhan discussed the various issues pertaining to the faculty members and the students during the initial week (or setting time as proposed by Dr.A.Sabesan). The faculty members prepared a checklist of activities to be done and instructions to pass on at the commencement of classes. It was generally agreed that the faculty members while following their natural styles would deal with the students and their sentiments with some tenderness and make their first moments of college life not a tough one. The meeting also enabled the staff members to know more about each other and their persona.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to SNS College of Engineering

The inaugural function of SNS College of Engineering was held in a pleasant manner.

The students alongwith their parents thronged the Seminar Hall one hour ahead of the schedule. They were made at home by our teachers and volunteers. The audience were treated to a few AVI presentations about the college, which had them all interested. The function started by 10.45 AM with Ms.Alamelu, a student of I ECE invoking the prayer song. The divine presence was further enlightened as the dignitaries, Dr.S.N.S.Rajalakshmi, Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam, Dr.S.Veluswamy, Dr.V.P.Arunachalam and Dr.G.Karuppuswami lit the Kutthuvilakku in order.

Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam welcomed the gathering and highlighted the objectives of the new institution. In his "straight from the heart" address, he explained that the students should find SNS College of Engineering a great place to learn and grow. He asked the students to raise their self esteem and assured that the institution will offer more than required to enable the student go out with a first class degree, a well placed job and an unbeatable character. He told that SNS College of Engineering was in tunes with technology and with industry requirements. He elaborated on the efforts taken by the institution to improve the soft skills of the students right from their day one. His entire address held the audience in sway and they all understood that they found their way. He encouraged participative growth from the students and parents and told that every parent is a stakeholder of the institution and they shouldnt shy away from it. In short, he welcomed the audience for the occassion and for four years at SNS CE providing them a glimpse of the golden days they are about to have.

Dr.Veluswamy, the Founder Trustee in his special address mentioned that the college was a unique one and requested the students to make use of the college for a bright future. He made it clear that the students and the institution grew hand in hand.

The focus then shifted to the Course Overview provided by the Principal Dr.G.Karuppuswami. In his interactive presentation, Dr.G.Karuppuswami highlighted the objectives of the course, the college and of course the students. He was down to earth and went all around the audience in course of his presentation, which was not only well recieved by the audience, but had them amazed. To add to the amazement, he interacted with students and presentations raising questions and bringing out answers from them. In his presentation studded with audios and videos,

Dr.G.Karuppuswami passed information lucidly and clearly. In the course of his presentation, he had Prof.Padmanabhan introducing his faculty members and Prof.Anuradha explaining the off classroom teaching - learning process. The off the classroom teaching learning process is a unique process of SNSCE. The college strictly believes that education doesnt start and end in a classroom. We have a string of technology aided mechanisms that promote student oriented education even after class hours. The presentation of the Principal was in itself a portrait of how things would be in SNSCE - innovative, interactive, informative and technically impressive.
Dr.V.P.Arunachalam, Principal, SNS College of Technology felicitated SNSCE and pledged the support of the sister institution towards the new institute. He also requested the students to get ready to shift their mindsets from that of a normal human to an engineer in terms of their thought processes on the day to day activities.

A good 30 minutes was allocated for the interaction of the parents with the management of SNSCE. The parents clarified their reservations regarding hostels, transport, training and placement of the college which was well answered by the management. When the parent members expressed happiness and surprise on the interaction session, Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam had them in full joy when he told them that it was the practice of the institute to hold atleast one parent interactive session atleast once in a year. He also added that the college was always ready to welcome them and their suggestions.

The audience then left for a sumptous lunch served with a smile. The students and parents returned with their hearts, mind and appettite full. We are waiting to recieve them back on Monday with full enthusiasm.

For photos gallery of institution, do visit our online photo gallery

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teachers Day with a Special Teacher

In SNS College of Engineering, The Teachers Day (September 05) was celebrated in a manner that was simple, but full of substance. We commemorated and celebrated the ocassion by organising an interactive session on teaching with Prof.S.Bhaskar. Prof.S.Bhaskar is a reputed trainer in the art, science and technology of education. He spent the entire afternoon session with the faculty members of SNSCE and none recognised how fast time flew by.

In his entertaining and educative session, Prof.S.Bhaskar threw light on the various aspects of teaching. According to him a manual for teaching had only two pages and two sentences. The first sentence is "The art of teaching is not a chemical formula". The last sentence was "Though I like sweet pastries, when I go to fishing,I go with a net and worms". Prof.S.Bhaskar then explained the relevance of these two sentences explaining that it was important for every teacher to understand that teaching was no standard chemical formula wherein when we have two inputs in proportion to get an output of desired proportion. He pointed out that Teaching has to change with audiences and time and that the teacher needs to be flexible. For the second sentence, he said that the preperation and delivery of a class had to be done keeping the need of the student in mind and not the expertise of the teacher.

He kept on narrating a slew of anecdotes and jokes which kept the audience in rapt attention and in good spirits. His analogy of teaching an engineering student with a mother singing a lullaby not only had the audience in splits, but also set them thinking. He concluded with an exercise on decision making from where he drew parallels to day to day affairs in teaching.

In all, it was a wonderful session which was well conducted and equally well recieved. It was a memorable Teachers Day for the SNS College of Engineering as they spent it with a special teacher - Prof.S.Bhaskar

The photos of the function can be accessed at our Picasa album :

Monday, September 3, 2007

Inaugural Function - Thursday

The inaugural function for the first batch of students will be held on 06/09/2007(Thursday) at Seminar Hall, SNS College of Technology. The function would be presided by the Correspondent, SNS Charitable Trust Dr.Rajalakshmi. Dr.S.N.Subbramaniam, Director cum Secretary, SNS Charitable trust will welcome the gathering and explain the objectives, vision and mission of the college. Our Founder Trustee Mr.S.Veluswamy will give a special address while Dr.V.P.Arunachalam, Principal, SNS College of Technology will offer felicitations. Our Principal, Dr.G.Karuppuswami will provide an overview of the course and various key features of SNS College of Engineering. This is a simple, but definte beginning and our first notice to history to get ready for a sea change.
A copy of the invitation is attached below.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Faculty Meeting on Preparations

A meeting of the faculty members of SNS College of Engineering was exclusively conducted under the chairmanship of our Principal Dr. G.Karuppuswami to discuss the preperations made by the faculty for the first batch of students.
Dr.G.Karuppuswami welcomed the gathering and detailed on his vision to make data easily accesible and democratic for both students and teachers. He mentioned that we have to enhance the off the class teaching learning processes to create better engineers for tomorrow. He also requested the staff members to take off class models and methods as a challenge and make the teaching learning process at SNSCE a role model for others to follow.
Prof.Padmanabhan lead the faculty members and explained meticulously his preperations for the fast and slow learners. Prof.Thirunavukkarasu followed with a discussion on various age old and innovative techniques that he would follow. Prof. Anuradha had done a lot of groundwork on preparing soft copies and ppts for the students and she displayed her present works and discussed her future plans. Mr.Pon.Rathnavel gave a formal presentation in his own humorous style and he put forth his innovative ideas in a innovative manner. Dr.Malleeka Begum and Mrs.Arundhathi presented their art and science of handling the science subjects Chemistry and Physics respectively. Mrs.Jeyalakshmi then equated her strategies to multiply interest for maths among the students, divide them into fast and slow learners and then add fast learners and subtract slow learners. Mrs. Rathna Devi had her turn to explain how she plans to turn the students into new leaves as far as their English is concerned. Dr.G.Karuppuswami finally expressed his happiness and gratitude to the faculty members.
As far as the preperations were concerned, they are in full swing and the faculty members seem to be ready to swing into action.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We are in Counselling

On 19.00 hours, 20 August 2007, SNS College of Engineering has been added in the list of engineering colleges that are a part of the counselling of TNEA admissions. The seats are being taken like hot cakes and thats heartening news for all of us at SNSCE. Our college code is 734.

To see SNSCE at the counselling, click on the TNEA 2007 weblink at http://www.annauniv.edu/tnea2007/vacaca07.html

For latest vacancy position of SNS College of Engineering, check out

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its Official - SNSCE gets approval

As on expected lines, the AICTE had sent its formal letter of approval for operation of SNS College of Engineering. The AICTE Committee which visited the campus on August 08 2007 was very happy over the infrastructure facilities as well as the faculty team. Now the formalities are over and SNS College of Engineering has been officially approved. We are now affiliated with the Anna University, Coimbatore. The college has brought the information to public notice through this ad(below) which was published in leading dailies on 19 August 2007. The ad reflects the image the college wants to project and to deliver.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day Celebrations

The 60th Independence Day of the nation was celebrated all over the nation and SNS College of Engineering got its first opportunity to celebrate and salute the spirit of Independent India. Even two days before the occasion, the college had specially designed Independence Day Posters flashed all over the campus. The poster was an expression of our sentiments and ideals and was well received by people from various walks of life who visited the campus. A copy of the poster is as follows

On the Independence Day, the college joined with its parent/sister institution SNS College of Technology for the traditional celebrations. On the occasion, our Physical Director Mr.D.Saravanamoorthy joined with Mr.K.Ravichandran of SNS College of Technology for the arrangements which included cleaning the ground, decorating it altogether with flags, readying the flag post and conducting the march past of student volunteers. Coming to the function, it was a meaningful one where Dr.V.P.Arunachalam, Principal, SNS College of Technology gave a special address remembering the freedom struggle. Prof.S.P.Devendran spoke on the importance of being independent socially and technologically and requested the young engineering students to work towards a technologically independent India. Mr.Pon.Rathnavel then joined with Mr.D.Saravanamoorthy in organising refreshments and other on site arrangements. It was an occasion to remember and the well organized event was another reason to remember and to cherish.

The picture of the day was the Indian flag(above) flying.We hope to make our simple contributions to keep the tricolour in flying colours.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Online Campus Tour

SNS College of Engineering (SNSCE) is a self financing engineering college with a vision to provide education that exceeds global standards.The beginning of all great things is small" is the caption you witness whilst you enter the college. We take a small beginning in the online realm as well and we are the first such engineering institution with an official blog to keep you posted on our developments and thereby our development.

The first blog of SNSCE is dedicated to take you on a virtual tour around the college. Let us take you around. Drop In!