Thursday, October 11, 2007

Logo Designing Competition

In another novel venture, SNS College of Engineering has opened the vistas of creating an official logo to the students. To familiarize the students with our motto of sincerity, nobility and service and to bring out the creative designing abilities of the students, the college has called for model logos amidst the students. In an announcement in this regard, the students were introduced to the background and importance of an official logo and were hinted on the requirements of the college logo. They were also shown the logos of different institutions. The students listened with bated breath and with a twinkle in their eyes. As of now, the college is abuzz with ideas and discussions of logos, shapes and colours and it should continue till October 22 2007 (Tuesday) which is the deadline for logo submission. Winners would walk away with handsome rewards but the process of designing a logo is in itself a rewarding experience. Its one week to go for a logo.

For more details, the notice is as follows