Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Monthly Test Results Declared

The results of the First Monthly Test was declared today by the Dr.G.Karupuswami, Principal, SNSCE. The results were encouraging though there is always scope for development.
The EEE students topped the class-wise pass percentages.
Mr.R.Rakesh of CSE Department topped the individual scores. Ms.R. Surayya (EEE Dept.), Ms.J.Nancy Mary (ECE Dept.) and Ms.K.Angammaiy(IT Dept.) topscored for their respective departments.

In a special meeting on performance of the students in the examination, Dr.G.Karupuswami analysed the results and classified students into toppers, improving students and slow learners. The faculty members discussed various reasons that influenced the performance of the students and various means to further improve their accomplishments. The faculty members evolved a plan for addressing the needs and problems of slow learners. Dr.G.Karupuswami congratulated the toppers in person. He also provided a pep talk to the improving students.

In all the performance of the students were encouraging and they shall do better with more courage.