Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teachers Day with a Special Teacher

In SNS College of Engineering, The Teachers Day (September 05) was celebrated in a manner that was simple, but full of substance. We commemorated and celebrated the ocassion by organising an interactive session on teaching with Prof.S.Bhaskar. Prof.S.Bhaskar is a reputed trainer in the art, science and technology of education. He spent the entire afternoon session with the faculty members of SNSCE and none recognised how fast time flew by.

In his entertaining and educative session, Prof.S.Bhaskar threw light on the various aspects of teaching. According to him a manual for teaching had only two pages and two sentences. The first sentence is "The art of teaching is not a chemical formula". The last sentence was "Though I like sweet pastries, when I go to fishing,I go with a net and worms". Prof.S.Bhaskar then explained the relevance of these two sentences explaining that it was important for every teacher to understand that teaching was no standard chemical formula wherein when we have two inputs in proportion to get an output of desired proportion. He pointed out that Teaching has to change with audiences and time and that the teacher needs to be flexible. For the second sentence, he said that the preperation and delivery of a class had to be done keeping the need of the student in mind and not the expertise of the teacher.

He kept on narrating a slew of anecdotes and jokes which kept the audience in rapt attention and in good spirits. His analogy of teaching an engineering student with a mother singing a lullaby not only had the audience in splits, but also set them thinking. He concluded with an exercise on decision making from where he drew parallels to day to day affairs in teaching.

In all, it was a wonderful session which was well conducted and equally well recieved. It was a memorable Teachers Day for the SNS College of Engineering as they spent it with a special teacher - Prof.S.Bhaskar

The photos of the function can be accessed at our Picasa album :