Monday, January 7, 2008

A Makeover for Engineering Graphics at Dr.MCET

The Anna University has given the traditional Engineering graphics a mordern and a pragmatic look. Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, the Vice Chancellor claimed that Anna University was the first to dispense with the drawing boards and embrace drafting and modelling software inaugrating an one day seminar organised for the (proposed) teachers of the (II Semester) common subject "Engineering Graphics" held at Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology(Dr.MCET) on Saturday, January 05 2008.
Dr.Radhakrishnan spoke of his ambitious and innovative ventures to bridge the industry - academic gap and also about a few issues pertaning to faculty members and technical institutions. He stressed on the innovations carried out in the paper Engineering Graphics and on how manual drafting was replaced by free hand sketching and CAD. After the inauguration, there were technical sessions on "Engineering Curves" "Engineering Solids" and "2D Drafting" pertaining to the syllabus handled wonderfully by Dr.Calvin.S.King and Mr.Rajashekar of Dr.MCET. The post lunch session saw a demonstration of the software "Solid Drawings Editor" and "Solid Works" by the CADD Centre. The session gave way to an hour long hands on skill training programme of the faculty members.The host institution had also provided the participants with a hard and soft copy of the presentations along with free demo software of "Solid Works" in a compliment kit.
Off the 75 and odd participants, SNS College of Engineering was represented by Mr.Pon.Rathnavel. He was all praise for the excellent organising skills and hospitality extended by the host institution - Dr.Mahalingam College of Technology. He also felt that the seminar helped him to meet his old colleagues and friends and also to touch base with the other institutions.
In all, its Good Bye to those Drawing Boards and Mini Drafters and you got to login to CAD softwares and plotters.