Friday, January 25, 2008

CSE enters the winning list finally

Their boys may have finished unlucky finalists twice. But their girls were simply "spot on" during their first outing in the intramural tournaments. CSE Girls ably guided by their captain Subhashree literally outvollyed their competitors in the Volleyball Tournament for girls. One of the CSE boys interpreted that the boys were satisifed with silvers and as girls are girls only gold would do for them. Humour apart, CSE gave a good account of themselves and possessed good serving skills of Subhasree and had an extremely agile Divya in the front.

The intramural volleyball tournament was the first for girl students and the first match saw IT and ECE girls vying against each other. The IT girls had to fight it out in an engrossing battle which they won largely thanks to their captain Zafira who could serve nothing but aces. In the another match, EEE girls were caught sleeping on strategy at the start of the game which proved costly as CSE girls sailed through.
The finals was more of an even contest but CSE girls had things going on steadily for them and the win seemed inevitable. Enjoying the largest population of girl students, the CSE had the maximum cheering and the cheers only grew louder towards the end. The finals was graced by the presence of Mr.S.Ravichandran, Physical Director, SNSCT who also gave a pep talk to both the teams.